Preventing Common Issues during Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof may not be an option at times. It is a requirement particularly when the roof is no longer irreparable and it has seen its better days. During a new roof painting Frankston & installation, there are common mistakes that might force you to spend more money or regret why you even decided to replace the entire roof. One thing is that this top most structure of your home must meet your requirements.

Do Not Install on a Damaged Decking

Installing a new roof on a damaged decking is something you will definitely regret. The issues that you might face are a possible structural collapse, moisture issues and an overall unstable roof. It is also a safety hazard for those working on the roof. The best way to avoid these issues is to have the roofing contractor inspect all the elements of a roof. If the decking seems to be in a poor condition, it should be replaced. It might be expensive when compared to roof installation but it is worth it in the long run.

Avoid Overlay Installation

Placing the new roof on an old one slashes down the installation costs. You may have heard about it or your contractor suggested it. Whichever the case, this is not a recommended option as you stand risking voiding warranties and reducing the life span of your entire roof. This is something that you do not want as it will require more money to undertake repairs when necessary.

Another reason that this is not a good idea is that the issues in the old roof are transferred to the new one. For example, if the old roof had trapped moisture and heat, your new roof will start experiencing issues. This is not a good option since even the reputable roofing contractors will not recommend this. It is a short cut that has cost homeowners time and money as they had to install new roofs.

  • Avoid Procrastinating on Installing a New Roof

You may postpone your roof replacement for various reasons but this is a bad idea. When you install a new one, you are advised on its life span. Once it’s of age, it’s better to replace the entire roof. You might be tempted to just repair the existing issues, but this will be an irritating cycle. You will just be dealing with one issue after the other. You will end up spending more money and time trying to make it work.

It’s paramount that as a homeowner who will be required to replace their roof at some point you understand the most common issues you are likely to face. With this, you know you will be making informed decisions when that time comes. Work with a roofing specialist, avoid overlaying, replace the roof when the old one is past its age and install only when all the elements of the structure are in good shape. Cutting corners is cheap but this will be expensive in the long-run.